Inductive Logic

A Thematic Compilation by Avi Sion

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9. Actual Induction


1.       The Problem

Induction is the branch of Logic concerned with determining how general propositions — and, more broadly, how necessary propositions — are established as true, from particular or potential data.

By ‘actual induction’, I mean induction of actual propositio…

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17. An Inductive Logic Primer


1.    Introduction

The reader of the present volume does not need to have previously studied logic in depth to be able to follow the discussion fully, but will still need to grasp certain concepts and terminologies. We will try to fulfill this specific task here, while reminding the re…

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29. About Causation


1.    Hume’s Critique

Hume’s denials

David Hume denies the very concept of causality – but in the same breath offers us an explanation of our belief in it, viz. that causal argument proceeds by association of ideas. I have criticized this claim elsewhere[1], but here wish to s…

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32. Contrary to Hume’s Skepticism


1.    Hume’s “Problem of Induction”

In the present essay, I would like to make a number of comments regarding Hume’s so-called problem of induction, or rather emphasize his many problems with induction. I am mindful of Hume in all my writings. In at least two places, I devote som…

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33. More Reflections on Induction


1.    The Psychology of Induction

Hume tried his best to do away with the science of induction by psychologizing our understanding of it. Of course, there is a psychology of induction, since humans have a psyche and induce. But Hume attempted to reduce induction to psychological mechan…

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34. Contrary to Kant’s Unreason


1.    Experience, Space and Time

Among Kant’s fundamental errors was his assumption that empirical data is initially without unity, being a confused mass of myriad sensations, and that it needs to be united by rational means of some sort, before it can at all constitute an object of …

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