Inductive Logic

A Thematic Compilation by Avi Sion

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31. The Significance of Negation


1.    Formal Consequences

Returning to logic – our insight here into the nature of negation can be construed to have formal consequences. The negative term is now seen to be a radically different kind of term, even though in common discourse it is made to behave like any other term.

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32. Contrary to Hume’s Skepticism


1.    Hume’s “Problem of Induction”

In the present essay, I would like to make a number of comments regarding Hume’s so-called problem of induction, or rather emphasize his many problems with induction. I am mindful of Hume in all my writings. In at least two places, I devote som…

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35. Some LC Phase Three Insights


1.    History of My Causation Research

I have been dreaming of systematizing causal logic since my teens, I think, when I first studied works on logic and philosophy.

My first book, Future Logic (1990), mentions the manifest modal foundations of causality and indeed the tacit causal…

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