Inductive Logic

A Thematic Compilation by Avi Sion

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1.       The Laws of Thought

1.      The Law of Identity

2.      The Law of Contradiction

3.      The Law of the Excluded Middle

2.       Credibility

1.      Ground of the Laws

2.      Functions of the Laws

3.      More on C…

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Rationalism and empiricism are not at odds; but, on the contrary, deeply mutually dependent. True rationalism is firmly grounded in experience; and true empiricism is made possible by application of reason. Induction is the methodological bridge between experience and reason.

Most of my l…

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16. The Logic of Induction


1.    Degrees of Being

Before determining where the philosophy of science stands today, I would like to highlight and review some of the crucial findings of our own research in this volume.

The first thing to note are the implications of certain of our findings in modal logic. We sa…

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17. An Inductive Logic Primer


1.    Introduction

The reader of the present volume does not need to have previously studied logic in depth to be able to follow the discussion fully, but will still need to grasp certain concepts and terminologies. We will try to fulfill this specific task here, while reminding the re…

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28. Thoughts on Induction


1.    Evidence

The Obvious

Every experience (concrete appearance – physical or mental percept, or intuition) is ‘evident’, in the sense that it is manifest before consciousness and that such appearance automatically gives it a minimum of credibility.

Concepts or theses (pro…

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32. Contrary to Hume’s Skepticism


1.    Hume’s “Problem of Induction”

In the present essay, I would like to make a number of comments regarding Hume’s so-called problem of induction, or rather emphasize his many problems with induction. I am mindful of Hume in all my writings. In at least two places, I devote som…

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